23 May

6 Reason : Why You Should Select Paid Web-Hosting Over FREE Web-Hosting?

All the minds will always be attracted towards the word ‘FREE’. But it takes a business oriented mind to know what and how much is actually ‘FREE’ after studying its effects over his/her business. So what is free website hosting and how much does it affect your website when you chose free web hosting and if it has any advantages over paid web hosting. This is what I’d like to put forward today in the following discussion over several aspects.

Domain Names

Domain Name & Sub-Domain Name

                   Domain Name & Sub-Domain Name

If you could obtain a domain name of your choice for free, why would so many other people be paying thousands of bucks for it, no? So what is the fundamental when you get a free web hosting? The answer is that, the free web hosting avails you with a name that is actually the sub domain of the main website’s domain name, viz. blog.celebrityname.com. Here this is the sub domain for the blog of the website of celebrityname.com (the main domain).

While for paid web hosting, you get your own domain name, of your choice depending on the availability.

The reason behind getting your own domain name is that it serves professional needs. Always getting listed under someone’s name will eventually lead to erasing your own name. Also these sorts of websites are usually displayed at the later end of the search result, which in turn causes no or a little traffic.

Unnecessary Pop-Ups

Free web hosting providers are entitled to show pop ups of advertisement and other endorsements on your webpage even without your permission. This won’t be the case in paid web hosting. Hence, the advertisements may distract the visitors to your website, redirecting them other irrelevant pages. This tends them to not even visit your website ever again. You may obviously not want this to happen at any cost. These advertisements are the source of generating revenue to the hosting provider and hence they will resort to it.

E-mail Accounts

E-mail Accounts

                           E-mail Accounts

If you are aspiring to make a website for professional or commercial purposes, free web hosting is a big NO. The case with free web hosting is, you won’t be allowed to create any accounts on your site. Even if you are, in some cases, all these accounts trace back to one single controlling account just creating an image of separate accounts.

On the other hand, with the paid web hosting, you can create the separate email accounts as per the limit set in the plan, which in some cases trace back to unlimited numbers.


Server Bandwidth

                             Server Bandwidth

For free web hosting, the bandwidth and disk size provided is very little, in contrast to the more of it in paid web hosting. Now this affects your site when the traffic increases. The free web hosted website will not be able to handle much traffic due to low bandwidth. So it becomes a necessity to have a paid web hosting plan to handle more users and keep your site running.

Dependency on The Host Company

WhiteCollarHost web-hosting service provider

     WhiteCollarHost web-hosting service provider

If the web hosting provider decides to pack up his services and shutdown the server this will result in shutting down your website too. For example, if you have a blog on a certain blogging site and unfortunately if the blogging site goes out of service, your blog is bound to be vanished from the internet. This will exactly be the case with free web hosting. For paid web hosting, since you own the website, this will not happen unless you decide to remove it.

Always Under Radar

The free hosted websites are not secured and hence there will always be constant threats from the hackers and spammers. Also, no support from the web hosting service provider is possible, which is a sort of boon, in case of paid package during site down time.


To conclude, free web hosting is like the dark side of the moon, not visible from distance. You can only know its ‘FREE’ stuff when watched and analyzed closely. So before deciding to land over one of these options, one needs to study, closely, the purposes for having a website.

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