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Which is Best Web Hosting : Shared Hosting VS Reseller Hosting?

A reseller hosting is the one in which a certain user of the serve wishes to further sell the server space to other users, thereby starting his own hosting service. Off course, along with this comes so many other features and needs against that of shared hosting; This is just an outline.


Shared Hosting VS Reseller Hosting

                                     Shared Hosting VS Reseller Hosting

Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting in India

                          Shared Hosting in India

  • Shared hosting is a cheaper web hosting mode as a consequence of sharing of cost by multiple users over a single server.
  • It comes with a cPanel which allows you to make changes and manage the website on the internet.
  • Number of domains allowed to be created is restricted. Sub domains are allowed.
  • Certain allocated bandwidth and space on server is provided to each user and they are not able to sell it to anyone any further even if the space is unoccupied. So if a huge space is rented considering future needs and it is unoccupied that would be a waste of resources.


Reseller Hosting


Reseller Hosting in India

                         Reseller Hosting in India

  • For reseller hosting, you need to purchase a separate reseller hosting plan. Reselling cannot be done with a shared hosting account.
  • These plans are usually costly as compared to shared hosting. You rent huge amount of space on a server from a trustworthy host. Now this space and bandwidth provided to you under reseller hosting account can be further utilized by you to provide hosting to other client.
  • As a result you can create many other website and so the number of allowed domains to be created is very high about 200. This will also allow every other client to create domain name email accounts.
  • Also, while you start reselling, the revenue generated from the service is a handsome amount and solely yours. So the one providing you the hosting service will become little cheaper.

As opposed to these many factors in white, so many also lie in the blacks for reseller hosting account. Let us have a walk through them as well. Since you are providing hosting to many other users, you need to avail all the benefits you expect from a good web hosting service. You need to manage all the websites from your end; your hosting service provider will not assist you. More the website more will be the maintenance, which requires you server to be equally strong and compatible to handle the users and hence the site visitors.


Thus, it is pretty much clear that shared hosting is fine only if you need to have a domain or two. If more, one shall opt for re-seller hosting, although its initial costs maybe high, but eventually, it reduces with all the benefits and other options that come along.

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