25 Mar

How to Select Right Web Hosting for Your E-commerce Website?

E-commerce Shopping

Since you are reading this page, you must want to upgrade your business and provide it the E-commerce platform, and so you must be well acquainted with the terms of “website hosting services”. Now, what lies ahead, is for you to choose what sort of web hosting should do the best job for your idea of giving an E-commerce platform to your business. Without taking much of your time, I’d just skip to the best options for you. Linux Dedicated Server are costly and need special skill sets to manage everything. Putting that a side, Shared hosting and Linux Virtual Private Server are the two best ones to have a well established E-commerce platform, in terms of technical aspects, finances and customer view point.

More Traffic Than Expectation

Shared hosting has been used ever since the evolution of E-commerce thing. There are several reasons behind it. One is, if you have your site on shared server, other sites also chips in the total costing of the server. Despite this, if the traffic on the site increases the server may not be able to handle it and thereby increasing the time taken to load any page. This will lead you to losing of customers leaving them frustrated. Also, as and when you want to expand your business, the space problems may arise. Sometimes the host offers you an ‘unlimited’ space but in actual practice, there is no such thing. This is just a mere exaggeration of higher amount of space which too gets exhausted after a certain limit and expansion or more data cannot be uploaded without much tediousness.

Shared hosting Vs VPS hosting

While on the other hand, Linux VPS hosting is also a very fine option in regards to E-commerce hosting in case of very heavy traffic and need of stability. Since E-commerce sites are designed to have a 99.99% uptime, it should be compatible enough to handle any amount of visitors at any time. This requirement is not very well satisfied by the shared hosting as it will decrease the speed no matter what. The virtually created space on a server provides you to have a higher speed than shared hosting and a lower costing as compared to dedicated servers. This gives you independence and makes your site more reliable. Since your website is virtually an independently operated website, it won’t be affected by the traffic on other sites on that server. Only your customers will be accounted in determining the traffic in order to decide the stability factors of the site. It is possible for one to switch from prior shared hosting to current VPS hosting.

These are some pros and cons for choosing Shared Hosting and Linux VPS hosting mentioned entirely in this article. It is quiet a common practice to analyse each of these and their suitability for you before you start your online store.

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